What is the honeymoon period?

Before you get married you hear a lot about the honeymoon period of marriage. When you think about that term, what comes to mind? Lovers lost in each others eyes willing to forgive anything? Perhaps. Is that what it really is though, or is that the hollywood version?

Do you think of months of no fighting and no problems between you as a couple?

That’s sort of what I thought. I had a sort of contradictory image in my head of knowing we would have disagreements, but thinking we would get over them easily and gracefully because we were so much in love.

What I discovered however was that you do have fights and sometimes they are not so easy to work through. Marriage is tough and requires a lot of work. That’s why God makes it a lifelong covenant. You have no choice but to work through the problems.

So, what is the honeymoon period? I’ve decided that the term “honeymoon period” is a poor attempt at secularizing something very special. It is a wedding present from our Heavenly Father. (I know, you thought something else was the big gift).

What is this gift? Grace. Not just the normal grace we all receive, but a special kind of grace (and a lot of it). It’s a specific grace given to a husband and wife to give as a gift to each other. It’s given so when times are tough, tempers flare and emotions are hurt we have this supernatural gift of extra-special grace, designed specifically to help two people grow together into one.

See, God knew what he was doing when he created marriage. He also knew it would be tough, he knew after the fall that trying to make two people integrate their lives would be a tough, tough job. So, he gave us a special gift to do it.

So, look for that gift and don’t forget to give it out. It comes neatly packed inside love.

Kinda neat.

Thanks Lord.


2 thoughts on “What is the honeymoon period?

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  2. Ben Affleck, an American actor, was roundly criticized for saying the following during his Academy award acceptance speech “I want to thank [Jennifer-his wife] for working on our marriage for ten Christmases. It’s good – it is work, but it’s the best kind of work and there’s no-one I’d rather work with.”

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