RIP (we hope) Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011


Author, intellectualist, and atheist debater Christopher Hitchens has died as the result of complication related to cancer.

My only exposure to Mr. Hitchens writing was his book “God is not Great“. To be honest, it’s a terrible book. Not because he attacks the faith I hold dear, but because it’s done so poorly. I have also watched the debate between him and William Lane Craig. In every sense of the word, Craig won.

Because of these limited exposures I have not been inclined to read or watch anymore of his work. Recently at a staff dinner party, a co-worker relate to me how much he not only enjoys Hitchens’ work, but also how much he appreciated his work for challenging him as both a Christian and a writer.

I have been recommended to read his autobiography “Hitch22” and I plan to one day – one day. My stack is rather high.

I pray with sincerity that Mr. Hitchens changed his mind about God and came to know who Jesus is. I sincerely hope he is enjoying the Beatific Vision and not eternal separation.

I also pray, with equal sincerity that those Christians who rejoiced in his suffering as a punishment from God, will also come to know Jesus and a true understanding of God’s love.

The Bible is quite clear that we are to test everything and have an answer for those who ask the reason for our hope. Never mind the whole Love your enemies thing.

We must be willing to engage with the likes of Christopher Hitchens honestly. We must be willing to see them as lost souls. If we rejoice as the suffering of one such as him, what hope have we? Why are we any better?

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