The Bible lives…

The Bible is a living document. Not in the traditional sense of “able to be changed” like a country’s constitution and not in the sense that the book itself has magical properties. The Scriptures are alive because A) they testify to Christ, the Living Word. The whole of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation testifies to the living hope we have in Christ. B) it is made alive through the power of the Holy Spirit. Psalm 119:105 says that scripture is like a lamp to our feet. If the Word is the lamp, the Spirit is the fuel that illumines scripture to us. C) the Spirit is what leads us into relationship with Christ and we should not miss the Word of God (Christ) for the Words of God (Scripture). D) and this is the most amazing to me. The Scriptures which tell the story of God and our relationship with Him, tell the story from beginning (Genesis) to the end and beyond (Revelation). At the same time, our story today doesn’t start at the end of revelation. It is firmly planted in the pages of Scripture.

His story is our story and Scripture is as much about us (who it was written for) as it is about those who lived in the first century (those it is written to).

We consider the cannon of scripture to be closed and yet at the same time it is still being written. Our hearts are the new parchment; God, the new author; Christ the mediator and the Spirit the pen. His revelation doesn’t change for each individual but we all need a different aspect of God’s truth for where we are in life and in that way the Word of God is still at work in and through us.


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