Liquid Grace


God’s grace flows out of God’s love like a river. It goes where it is directed, it does not force its own way. It is not bothered by obstructions, it simply goes around them. It seeks to go where we have not erected dams forcing it away. It knocks on the dams but does not blow them down. It waits patiently for us to take down the dam.

God’s grace is God’s search and rescue mission. It grows out of love and seeks all who will accept it, shining a light on the dark places and hoping we won’t shrink even further back into our caves.

Grace is attractional, calling to all, but forcing itself on no one, respecting the wishes of those it calls to reject it and send it elsewhere. It swirls and turns and churns and comes back, constantly beckoning, but never forcing.

God’s grace is perfect, never judging, but loving. Not asking for merit, but going where it’s wanted.

God’s grace works through others but the others are imperfect and so sometimes they are not conveyors of grace but portioners of grace, asking who is worthy and who is not. God’s grace is perfect and goes to who asks.

God’s grace is living water waiting to be drunk, but it needs a willing glass in which to pour itself. God’s grace is liquid, it is attraction, it is searching but not forcing, and it is the ultimate expression of love. It is perfect.

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