Calm in the storm

My mother-in-law recently passed away and today his her funeral. She had a brief 4 month battle with cancer and she died in the early morning this past Friday. She was surrounded by her husband and three daughters (one of whom is my wife).

This is the third tragedy that my wife and I have endured this year, so I’ve been reflecting a lot on suffering and death. On my wife’s recommendation I’m reading a book titled “When God Interrupts“.

In the introduction is has a great passage as the author (who is a pastor) recounts being at the bedside of one of his congregants.

I had visited Jean in the hospital on several occasions. Praying for her was like asking God to give more faith to the apostle Paul. Jean believed in the grace of God. She believed that in Jesus Christ her sins were forgiven, and she believed she would live eternally with him when she died.

It struck me that this was a perfect way to describe Carole. From the very beginning of her illness through to when she found out her cancer was terminal and untreatable and culminating in her final days, she had a remarkable peace about her. This was even commented on by the loving nurses who took such good care of her. They said they had never encountered anyone who was so at peace when faced with their own mortality.

God’s grace is amazing.

It’s simple and overused, but the saying “No Jesus No peace, Know Jesus, Know peace” is so very true.

Be at peace in the Lord Carole and one day we will see you again.

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