What’s an atheist to do?

Came across this interesting article today in one of our local online newspapers. The author asks the question: How do secular parents explain religious holidays to their young children? It’s quick read, so check it out.

[He] makes me realize how similar Santa and God are—if you believe in them, then they encourage you to be a good person. But childhood belief requires parental participation. I’m fine with the great Santa deception because it’s temporary and is about delight without the threat of damnation—a lump of coal hardly compares to hellfire. But it’s my job as a parent to teach Emile morality, regardless of supernatural opinions on the matter.

And that morality comes from? Oh never mind…

4 thoughts on “What’s an atheist to do?

  1. Your final comment is where I always come down to with atheists. Sure… teach them morality… that’s fine. But if you want to be honest with yourself, the morality has to have a root. Even if you call it an evoluationary breeding program that supports certain chemical processes… where did the rules that determine what is survivable come from? It all comes down to a question of origins. If you don’t believe that there is a supernatural origin, than everything is relative and what we may consider moral today will be immoral tomorrow, from everything concerning lying and sex to murder and genocide.

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