Theology in the Grocery Store

This is a great reflection on the need not only for good theology but that good theology is a lived theology. It is one we live in the real world with everyday interactions. Give it a read.

The Backlist

Contrary to any traditional idea of Sabbath-keeping, I went to the grocery store on the way home from church. As is usual, the place was jammed. Sunday now seems to be the default day for grocery shopping. As I stood in the line-up for the cashier, the man behind me struck up a conversation with the woman in the next line-up over. Following an initial greeting the conversation went like this:

He: You eat all that food you get fat, hahahaha. [I internally cringe at this degradation of food and its necessity for life.]

She: You gotta eat. [I internally cheer for this statement of the necessity and implied goodness of food.]

There was then some chat about some football game that seems to be happening today.

She: I’m starved, I went to church and I’m on my way home. [Internal voice: Yay! another church to grocery store person!]


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