Papal Roundup

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Three things that Pope Benedict XVI’s retirement shows me:

  1. The timing of the retirement, just before the Lenten/Easter season, seems to show that he felt great urgency to step aside. Perhaps his health is worse than is known.
  2. The high respect for the office he holds. I can only imagine how gruelling that job must be. His abdication demonstrates that rather than continue in a job he feels he can’t do to full effectiveness, it is better to make way for God to install someone better able.
  3. The manner in which both John Paul II and Benedict XVI’s Pontificate’s ended is/was inspiring and they serve as good examples, especially to those of us in any form of Church leadership. John Paul II chose to run the church as spiritual leader, leading through suffering, and this was greatly inspiring. But, the manner of Benedict XVI’s abdication demonstrates great humility and courage. How many world leaders knowingly step aside and give up power and status?

Also, he has one more encyclical in the works. It will apparently still be released but not as a Papal encyclical.

Here’s a roundup of some articles from around web. Some from Catholics, many not.

7 thoughts on “Papal Roundup

  1. There was a note made on the news today that, apparently, Benedict had the battery in his pacemaker (something not known publically) replaced in secret recently (again, not a public thing). I think this really shows a great sense of humility. I’m not a formal minister in a church but I can easily see how much of a strain it is for a minister to bear the burdens of a congregation. How much more the strain the Pope has to lead the entire “barque of Peter”?

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