Handbook of Women Interpreters [video]

HT to Dr. Heather Weir over at Book backlist for pointing these out on her blog. Last year, Dr. Marion Ann Taylor (Wycliffe College, University of Toronto) published a collaborative work The Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters. I was so excited that something like this was available that I actually asked (and received) a signed copy for my birthday. I’ve managed to leaf through parts of it and I think it’s a tremendous gift to the church. Lest you think (shame on you) that this is about some radical feminist theology and an attempt to rewrite biblical history, such is not the case. This is simply an attempt to recover lost voices in the history of biblical interpretation.

Baker Academic has published a number of video interviews with Dr. Taylor, where she explains the purpose and methodology behind the book. I’ve posted the videos here, but you can also check them out over at Baker’s site.

Why a Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters?

Describe the approach of the handbook

Collaborating on the handbook

The handbook as a textbook and resource tool

Women Biblical Interpreters Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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