What podcasts I listen too

Here’s a list of the podcasts I listen to on my iPhone. I use Instacast for most of them and the built-in music app for one of them.  I’ve listed them in alphabetical order. They cover a range of topics including faith, technology, prayer, and finances.

Note: The links do not take you to the actual podcasts feed, but to the websites, so you can find out more. You should be able to find the podcast feed link there.

What do you listen too? Let me know in the comments.

70 Decibels
A great network of shows dealing with technology. I subscribe to the master feed, though I routinely only have time to listen to one show a week. My favourite show is Cmd-Space.

Catholic Answers Live
A three hour daily call in show (M-F) out of the US. It’s a pretty incredible ministry and a model for the church at large. Even those who disagree with the Catholic Church will find something edifying I think. I particularly find the approach the apologists take instructive and formative. They take the command to explain the faith with gentleness and respect, very seriously.

Homebrewed Christianity
This is a very popular show, or so it seems from my twitter feed. I’m trying it out, but I must admit, it’s not quite working for me just yet.

Mac Power Users
I love Apple and all things Mac, and this is a great show that goes in-depth on a particular topic as well interviewing successful people on how they use Apple’s products in their workflows. They belong to a larger network called 5by5, but I don’t have time to listen to any of the other shows.

Pray as You Go
Daily podcasts from the Irish Jesuits. I sometimes use it to help get me centered and as part of my larger prayer life. They also include teaching sections for seasons such as lent; sort of a mini-workshop.

A CBC program discussing matters of faith (not just Christianity)

Dave Ramsey Show
A financial show that really grounds me and reminds me who’s money it is and why I was given it.

The God Whisperers
One of the funniest hours on podcasting I’ve ever heard. Two Lutheran Pastors discussing everything from the value of confirmation to Baconaise (that’s bacon flavoured mayonnaise).

The Gospel Coalition
I’m sure you know these guys. I don’t agree with a lot that is said, but opposing viewpoints are always good to hear.

The Meeting House Roundtable
A podcast recorded largely for the leadership team at The Meeting House but anyone can listen. Dealing with all matters of faith from an Anabaptist perspective. Episodes are sporadic.

Tyndale Chapel
Chapel podcasts from my alma mater.

A great Christian apologetics show out of England. Well worth a listen.

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  2. Pingback: What podcasts I listen too | Menno Nerds

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