Great news for ecumenism!

It’s not my intention to make this a “news” site, but this isn’t the kind of news you keep to yourself.

For first time since schism, the Ecumenical Patriarch will attend a pope’s installation Mass.

This is really quite big if you know your history.

Tuesday will be a landmark day in the history of Christianity and ecumenical relations: the Ecumenical Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople will attend Pope Francis’ installation Mass, celebrating the Eucharist with him.

As if that wasn’t enough, three other Orthodox bishops are coming with him! – Dr. Michael Barber

This is surely due to the work of Pope John Paul II and especially Pope Benedict XVI who made ecumenical relations between east and west a top priority for his pontificate. Pope John Paul II when referring to the east west schism said that the Catholic and Orthodox Church’s are like two lungs that need to be brought back together. I can only hope that this is a sign of good things to come. Imagine: east and west reuniting. Simply incredible. Maybe it will take years and still more years or perhaps it will never happen, but this is a pretty incredible development that will be exciting to watch. Especially because as archbishop Pope Francis was Ordinary of Eastern-rite Catholics in Argentina when they were without an ordinary.

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2 thoughts on “Great news for ecumenism!

  1. Okay… first reaction… THIS IS HUGE.

    Second reaction…hints of some old dispensationalist tendencies…thinking east/west combine.. Gog and Magog… Prophecies of Daniel… Could be other ways, too

    Third reaction… God is moving in some really cool ways… who knew that this was coming? Total surprised.

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