Alcoholism isn’t funny

In a recent news story it was disclosed that the Mayor of Toronto may have a problem with Alcoholism. I say may because so far he is denying it. I have no opinion on the matter, but I wanted to make a note about alcoholism.

There’s nothing funny about alcoholism. It’s a serious issue. It is not something to be sensationalized or used to slander another person as many seem to be doing with the mayor. Alcoholism, like any addiction, can destroy families, careers, entire lives. It can drive some to contemplate suicide. So, while it is important to hold public officials to account if they have addictions, we must respond with grace and charity. We must understand what it means to have an addiction and the inner turmoil it can create.

On the other side, the addict must seek help. There are effective ways of learning to live with an addiction, but they must seek it. Typically, they will only seek it when they have hit their bottom.

Pray for addicts, no matter who they are or what they might do a living.

3 thoughts on “Alcoholism isn’t funny

  1. Addictions come in many colors, shapes, and sizes… and they consume you… You may think you’re consuming alcohol if you’re an alcoholic, but it really consumes you… it becomes your be all, end all…

    Thanks for the sanity check, Andrew.

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  3. Rob Ford does a lot to make himself an easy target. That said, I did feel sorry in my 7 months of living in Toronto at how much people attacked him (even while polls suggest that he would be re-elected even with all the controversy).

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