Some help from the monastics :: Rule of Life


Icon of St. Benedict

I love monastics, I think some of the richest most spiritual traditions of the church come from the Desert Fathers and Mothers as well as the medievals. St. Anthony, St Benedict, St. Francis and Claire of Asssi, Julian of Norwich, Teresa of Avila, and others have contributed much to our understand of God. Two of my favourite books have had monks has their central characters: Canticle of Lebowitz and Chasing Francis.

I am also enamoured with the concept of a Rule or Regula. There are many ways to interpret what a rule is or can be, especially to non-monastics. Margaret Guenther, who’s book At Home in the World is formational on this topic, states that a rule is about cultivating simplicity by focussing on the essentials. Here’s a short video of her answering the question “What is a rule of life”. It’s great.

There’s more reasons why I’m bringing up the monastics and I’ll be posting more soon.

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