Changes are a comin’

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m going to be rejigging the categories for this blog a bit; well, a lot. I’ve been aware that they’ve been a bit out of control for a while and there are simply too many of them and are no longer effective at helping you find the content you want.

In addition, I’ve deleted all the tags I’ve used so far and will be trying to get my head around how to use them effectively.

This won’t happen overnight, but likely over weeks. In the end however, my hope is that there will be fewer categories allowing you to find the topic(s) you’re the most interested in, while using tags to help you zero in more.

It’s also my hope that this process might help me further define the purpose of this blog.

So, if the categories look wonky over the next little while, that’s why. I have over 180 posts to review.



5 thoughts on “Changes are a comin’

    • No, you don’t have too. I’ve known for a while that my categories have been unruly and not helpful. And it’s easier for me to delete all my tags and start over to make them more effective. But no one must do this.

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