The evolution of the swimsuit

A short 9 min video explaining the history of the bikini, its effect on the male brain and how woman can dress modestly without sacrificing fashion. I don’t know who the audience is, but she quotes Scripture at the end and reminds us that it’s not about hiding our bodies, but revealing our dignity because we are made in His image and likeness.

7 thoughts on “The evolution of the swimsuit

  1. I’m not saying that she doesn’t have a point, but there are a lot of problems with that talk, starting with the fact that what “facts” she chose to reveal are all oriented around selling her clothing line. And I’m not going to criticize her for that as any smart businessperson does it. But her summary of that study is very problematic as her is summary of bathing suit history. The fact that the bikini-clad women who were interpreted as objects were shown without heads is a pretty significant factor, for instance, which she neglects to mention. Check out this link which unpacks that further:

  2. I am not anti-modesty by any means, but I do have trouble with the main premise of her argument, which seems to be that men are no better than their biological impulses. If she wants women to reveal their dignity rather than their bodies, perhaps she should also urge men to work on “revealing” their dignity and respect for women.

    • YES! Thank you! This is my biggest problem with this. Once again, we have this mentality that rather than teaching men to not objectify women, we teach women to present themselves so that they are not objectified by men. It’s the same mentality that has lead to rape culture and this is what concerns me.
      It also concerns me that this video, and other videos like it, become popular with the general population as being almost feminist but in reality they make real feminists cringe for the most part and are really, in a way, anti-feminist and anti-female empowering.

  3. ..What’s really sad I think is that a teaching on proper swimwear is even necessary. This speaks volumes on the spiritual state of affairs within the organized sector of Christendom.
    CAN WE GET HONEST HERE??? I’m speaking as a man who struggles with lust of the female body. I basically can’t go to some particular church’s because the women there intentionally dress to provoke a male. …WHAT???

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