Three questions I’m asking right now

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I’m pondering a few question these days:

1) How to interpret Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer (John 17) in light of the current state of the church divided. The easy answer usually given by Protestants is the invisible church. This seems like too easy a solution. I’m not entirely discounting it, but there has to be a visible reality to unity.

2) What is the role of beauty in evangelism, if any? Our church buildings have become more and more utilitarian looking, becoming more and more devoid of beauty. Is this appropriate or should they be “sermons in stone”. That is, is there a way to evangelize before we even speak a word?

3) What should the new name of this blog be?

#3 may seem trivial, but I may very well answer questions 1 & 2 before I figure out #3.

Anyway, I haven’t posted long thoughts on this yet because they are largely new questions, but they are the questions that seem to be dogging me of late.


Note: Comments have been closed on this post, because I wasn’t really looking for feedback on this post. It was just me sharing some open ended thoughts. There will be posts later that seek input from my readers.