Change wisely

Mountain Church Lisri

This is great article that outlines much of what the struggle I’ve been having with church these days. While I am eternally grateful for my current church for introducing me to Jesus, I crave more. I want deeper, more sacramental, more mystery and majesty, more awe and wonder than my current church can provide. Right now I find the answers in the ancient churches that aren’t so concerned with being hip and with it. If a movie theatre works for you, that’s wonderful, but I think they’re ugly, dark and a bit depressing (a friend recently described it as oppressive going to church in the dark of a theatre), I want beauty, stained-glass, and a crucifix to focus on when I worship, and solemnity and reverence. Then, when that’s over and I’ve been filled with Christ and renewed for the week to come, send me out, put me in the game, I’m ready to serve the world around me.

Andrea Palpant writes:

For more traditional congregations that struggle to keep youth in the pews, take heart. The old model isn’t necessarily lost. Praxis and churches like it have a place — they draw people who would otherwise never set foot in church, people who have a legitimate contemporary aesthetic that appreciates informality and mainstream music. But your church has a place, too.

Consider the changes that people go through between age 22 and 32. Consider that some of us in time renew our appreciation for the strengths of a traditional church: historically informed hierarchy that claims accountability at multiple levels, historically informed teaching that leans on theological complexity, and liturgically informed worship that takes a high view of the sacraments and draws on hymns from centuries past.

You can read the rest here.

2 thoughts on “Change wisely

  1. I appreciate your willingness to share your spiritual experience, the article by Andrea Palpant is a ‘textbook’ example of someone about to divert to the inward Journey.
    The Kingdom of God(the total package) is within you.

  2. At some point along the way most of us will try to shape and mold a concept of God that fits into a particularly pleasing ascetic setting and sensual experience, only to eventually realize this as another Dead-End. It is a Holy discontent and restlessness that propels us ever deeper into the Divine Mystery, seeking to Know The Great I AM without the aid of the usual outward trappings of man’s imaginings (religion/rituals). Christ literally abides in us believers as a Holy ‘Spirit’, we must learn to believe this, and then we can learn to discern and Trust this faint Intuitive voice/intuitive conscience that becons us into the deeper mystical regions of our Soul. This requires a leap of enormous Faith and Courage.

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