Post 200: From lonely to nomad


Yay, we made it to Post 200!
We’ve changed, but stayed the same!

Ever since this blog launched as The Lonely Disciple the name never really made sense. I’m married and definitely not lonely, but now that we’re expecting our first child in December, I’m definitely not lonely (and yes, I know there is a difference between lonely and aloneness).

Anyway, my thought on certain things has further developed since launching and re-launching the blog. I have become much more connected with the practice of spiritual disciplines, and my theology has become much more sacramental. Still, I need to find a “home”. Should I become Anglican, Orthodox or Catholic, or should I find a way to bridge or connect my anabaptist beginnings with my sacramental understanding and how would that possible?

So, I am also nomadic in that I am a Sacramental Anabaptist Christian, looking for a home, feeling awesome and at the same time feeling unsettled. So, I am in wandering mode spending time with Anglicans, Catholics, Orthodox, Anabaptists, Reformed and well, just a bit of everything the church has to offer.

Discerning takes time, lots and lots of time and I’m trying my best to stay open to the leading of the Spirit while asking questions around authority, the nature of the church, the purpose of scripture and its limits; as well as a host of other really deep questions 😉

The purpose of this blog is to try to be public about where I’m going and what I’m learning. I’m going to test out writing experimental essays; that is writing things down, trying to argue a point that perhaps I don’t completely believing in yet, but doing my best to make the argument. So, it will be an interesting experience, though possibly creating some confusion as to what I actually believe at any given time. On the plus side, I’m hoping to create a space for dialogue on different issues.

So, the blog has been rebranded the Sacramental Nomad, has a new layout and a slightly refocussed vision. Of course I’m still part of the MennoNerds (I’m not sure how I’m allowed to stay, but shhh). The new url will be coming soon, but for now it’s still

So, put on your favourite nomadic foot ware, grab your walking stick, slip on your satchel, and let’s wander.

Thanks for helping me make it to post #200!

7 thoughts on “Post 200: From lonely to nomad

  1. Love this. Your thoughts around being anabaptist, yet looking for a more sacramental expression is exactly where I am as well. Very cool.

  2. I admire your courage to “out” yourself as a confirmed adventurous seeker. I wish you well.
    Don’t be surprised or discouraged when you don’t find what you think your looking for ‘out there’. Eventually, in frustration, we (seekers) all abandon this outward searching and at that precise moment the Spirit directs us to turn inwardly. It was there all along 🙂

  3. Andrew, if you are not already aware of Bridgefolk, you definitely should be. You’ll find plenty of fellow sacramental nomads there. Here’s some information on our annual conference coming up next weekend:

    Even if you can’t make it on such short notice, I encourage you to peruse the website and perhaps get involved in some way – or at least know that we exist. There might even be a local chapter in your area, depending on where you are.

    • I do know of them, thanks! I’m connected through the listserv and FB page. I was hoping to make the conference but can’t afford to this year.

      I’ll look into a local chapter, didn’t realize they had those.

      Thanks again.

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