Shopping backwards


It was so backwards. It’s my birthday today, #36. I received some cash and cheques. I have a list I keep of things I might buy if and when I have cash that isn’t particularly assigned to anything. At point I realized I thought “Oh, I should just go to the Running Room or the local cycling shop and see what strikes my fancy.

Wait, what?

I’m going to go and see if there’s something I can give my money away for?

I shook my head and realized the insanity of the proposition. How backwards that seems to me now. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t NEED pretty much anything I’m going to buy with my birthday money, so I’m not against want-based spending if you can afford it and if you are helping others as well, but this just seemed over the top to me – to actually go and LOOK for ways to spend the money. Man, no wonder we don’t have savings in our society.

It’s an old pattern that I am now more aware of because of the financial hardships my wife and have endured over the last 3+ years. It has made me more cognizant of how, when, and on what I spend the money God has given me to steward.

Shopping just to spend… so bizarre!

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