About SN

6a00d834e43b5f53ef0133ecd8c43a970b-250siWelcome to The Sacramental Nomad!

I started this blog to give me a place to put the stuff I write in the hopes that it might be useful for others but also includes posting articles I find elsewhere that I like (with proper attribution of course).

The title of the blog is a bit tongue in cheek. It partially relates to my introverted nature and that sometimes I just want to be alone. Second, it relates the bad part of Christianity. Too many of us aren’t living our faith in community. We are lone rangers trying to figure out this faith-thing on our own and that’s not how we are intended to live. We are to live in community, using each other to discern Christ’s voice and will for our lives.

I have previously been the Preaching Pastor at local inner city church in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Right now I would describe myself as a Sacramental-Anabaptist, a complicated mix to be sure. I’ll write a post one day on what that actually means to me.

I have a passion for Biblical and systematic theology with an eye towards healing the divisiveness within the Body of Christ so that we can carry on The Great Commission. I am also nurturing an increasing interest in liturgy and the monastic way of living (especially with their focus on prayer and service). I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies and Theology from Tyndale University College and Seminary and am working towards a Master of Theological Studies at the same school.

It is my prayer that God will use this blog to bring light to the world and that it will become a safe place engage in dialogue on all things spiritual, theological, and … well, life in general through the lens of the risen saviour.

So, read along, subscribe via email or RSS. Peace.

2 thoughts on “About SN

  1. I appreciate your sincerity and like that you have mixed it up a little bit as to your identified denomination! I look forward to reading more. ~Much light and joy to you in the new year!

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